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Local Area Network & Wide Area Network Setup & Support

Alemobet Innovations provides a range of IT services from simple broadband access to complex managed networking solutions to support businesses and its targets across Sierra Leone, Liberia, Guinea and Gambia. The most desirable objective of any network solution provider is the controlled sharing of information across the system in a way that is transparent to the users and which is done efficiently by Alemobet innovations in Sierra Leone. Alemobet innovations helps organizations transform their local area networks in Sierra Leone and Liberia to support a more flexible workplace and enable a more productive workforce.

By giving end to end network solutions in Sierra Leone and to help our clients adapt to the expansion in devices, data and digital services, we go past the switches and routers to ensure that the IT service in Sierra Leone and Gambia can meet current and future business needs and help associations set up their nearby systems for new advancements and more noteworthy business request. To be the best in arranging, establishment and organization of whole system and to support businesses we offer specific Network Services which includes;

  • Setup and maintenance of small to large Local Area Networks involving; switches, bridges, wireless access points, network printers etc.
  • Setup and maintenance of Wide Area Networks involving; manage switches, routers, servers (Linux & Windows) etc.
  • Virtual Private Network setup using various equipment types (eg. Linksys routers, Cisco routers etc.)
  • Setup of network files backup schemes to prevent you from loosing critical and non-critical data. Network Security involving firewall setups to ensure that you are safe from hackers locally and on the Internet.